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Bill Smallman for Supervisor


As a voter, please consider yourself as an employer seeking someone with real innovative ideas to not only make this County that we love better just for us, but future generations forever. Bruce McPherson is doing a good job, and I pledge to continue his commitment of listening and fighting for whatever you think is important. You are the boss, and I have no problem in following up on any issue, no matter the size, and along as it is a reasonable one. I so much enjoy meeting people, and love working for them. Politics, drafting tax measures, contacting people on the NEXGEN airplane problem, environmental issues, building the library, P.G.& E lower rates + power generation business takeover, and other issues are something I take very seriously and I have no problem with banging down doors to get solutions for these and all issues when I hear about them from you. However, no matter how much enamored you are towards Bruce McPherson, he is not qualified to provide leadership in water and transportation infrastructure. He, and the rest of the current Board have put the county into $12.7 Million dollars in debt. I believe we have a chance today to decide what we want this County to be; one word: SUSTAINABLE. That is the passion of all the great Environmentalists from John Muir to Jane Goodall. These attainable goals will make the County a leader nationwide, leave a legacy, and make us recognized worldwide environmental leaders and not have to worry about running out of water and saltwater intrusion anymore. Here is a partial list of what I will do:


2. Create a WATER/OPEN SPACE DISTRICT! This will bring the discussion of population growth to the table. We can't stop more growth now, we need more affordable housing, and I support building this around the Scott's Valley Town Center, supporting all the businesses there and be walking distance for seniors. HOWEVER, If elected we will bring up the discussion of the maximum number of water connections for a water system which can survive a 10 year drought without dire circumstances. Bottomline, we are at around 265 thousand residents, and I believe we should not exceed 280 thousand. This will allow for 15,000 people or around 5,000 living units. This would mostly be for low cost housing and single "dream homes" that people can build, with zero upscale housing developments. This Water/Open Space District would approve any requests for new services, and hold to the limit of 280 thousand, or whatever number people decide. I don't believe there is any special district in the U.S. which is called a "Water/Open Space". This will be entirely funded by the wholesale of water. The entire Water Resources, Environmental, Wastewater, and Parks and Recreational Departments would move to this new District with higher paying jobs. Residents will pay around $50 a month extra on their water bills, as the water retailers will purchase water, and have their groundwater basins kept full for the increased cost of around 1 cent per gallon. Sounds like a lot, but do you have a problem with paying 200+ for your high speed internet, which if far more easier to deliver than potable water, and not fighting saltwater intrusion!
3. ELIMINATE Highway One Congestion, build 32 mile long exceptional bike path and end the TRAIN BOONDOGGLE Mr McPherson is intent in dragging us off the cliff with!

4. Boost ECONOMY and create JOBS, and make the County much more EFFECTIVE!
5. Restore the FISH HABITAT on the San Lorenzo River!
6. TAKE ANOTHER LOOK- at Mt Hermon's Velocity Bike Park plan which can have impacts on traffic and septic pollution into the river.
7. SUPPORT taking over PGE energy generation business and install solar panels
on the surfaces of the great bike path!

8. LOOK INTO the "Sanctuary Camp" idea to address the homeless problem with aggresive no drug/alcohol policy and job training + life counseling, and the homeless provided opportunity to work to cut costs of the program.

9. STOP Air Pollution Control from eliminating wood burning stoves and control burns and STILL end harmful AIR POLLUTION levels! 


I grew up in Marin County. My parents are from the"Greatest Generation". My Dad fought in the Battle of Okinawa as a Marine. He served 2 six year terms a an elected Judge. Right after he won the primary, the Marin County Courthouse Shootout happened. For those too young to remember, the pepetrators used guns purchased by Angela Davis. They used masking tape and strapped a gun to Judge Harold Haley's head, dragged him and other victims to the parking lot where a shootout started, and Harold's head was blown off. My Mom and Dad had dinner with him a few weeks prior. The senseless murder changed the innocent surburbia of Marin, which is much like Santa Cruz, forever. Mom, was an artist and basically, an angel. For many years she dragged a keyboard, speakers, and an applifier to rest homes to play music. Both my parents put 4 children and several grandchildren through college, and we did not have to work, nor accrue debt. I lost My Mom last March. Dad, 92+, smokes a pipe like a chimney, and so much would like to honor the tradition of public and community service.

I've always been a very passionate environmentalist. I put my desk in my closet with a chemistry set and a microscope and escaped into another world. That was all I wanted to do, and took just about every science course you could in college, including environmental studies. At the time, I wanted the Hetch Hetchy Dam torn down, in the spirit of John Muir. But, it hit me that I needed to get out of college and get a job. My older brother is also a Civil Engineer, and I very relunctatly chose that field. Relunctant, because I felt that meant promoting the growth, which I detested. I still want the Hetch Hetchy Dam torn down. The difference now, is not until a replacement reservoir(s) are built first. For over 25 years I've built and designed water infrastructure, both potable water and waste water. There is not a single part of the required infrastucture that I have not worked on, and many projects involved working with other contractors and engineers on transportation projects of roads and bridges. With this background, I designed, which I believe six(6) of the best plans to create a sustainable, reliable water system for the entire county. The first three, A Regional Water Authority, The Recycle Plan, and The Storm Aquarries Plan, I believe will not only provide adequate water, they have enormous environmental benefits as well. Yes, there is some controversy, but I can say in all fairness, if animals and plants could vote, not including bacteria, I'd win in a landslide. I would have a large group of June Beetle protestors, because I want to fill the existing sand quarries with water. This will give me enormous support from the fish, deer, bobcat, raccoon and mountain lion lobbyists to put me over the top. The chance of deciding what you want to leave this County for future generations is now, and we have to move off the status quo. Do you want your great, great + grandchildren in "San Jose by the Sea", no redwood trees and eating "Soylent Green", or have the life we enjoy so much. Your choice of what you want to be considered in the future history books is now. I'm not only running for you, but future generations and the environment, and would be honored for you vote!



Any comments or criticisms are very, very, welcomed.  Please submit to: bill@billsmallman.com. You need to know that an "outsider" has a slim chance over the established politicians, like Bruce McPherson. A vote for me in the Primary Election, will allow more time to hear my ideas, and you can still elect him in November.









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